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se to 500 words per minute. Now I know why I prefer and focus better on double speed! OsM this was an OUTSTANDING talk. amazing work two words: lovely audieher grand father is/was! Really Good Talk.. Look up the Great Alan Watts if really interested in the Art of Listening. He is my Favorite I’ve been totally amazed by this video! ThaAnn from Alabama shared with me via Twitter DM. “Two years ago a doctor finally believed me and we found out I had endometriosis … [birth control] is now prescribed so I don’t have to pay for the Panda Happy halloween shirt moreover I love this endo[metriosis] medicine and [it] keeps me pain free.”

istyletee-Panda Happy halloween shirt

There are other proven medical uses for birth control you might not associate with a contraceptive. “I take hormonal birth control because I carry a BRCA1 mutation, which significantly increases my risk for ovarian cancer,” Suzanne from Long Beach, N.Y., told me. “Hormonal birth control is one of the Panda Happy halloween shirt moreover I love this few things scientists believe stave[s] off the disease, so I’ll stay on it until I have risk-reducing surgery in a few years.” For many like Suzanne, the court’s ruling this week allows employers to withdraw insurance coverage of cancer-preventing medication to their emplo


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